I don’t really know what’s next. I have a lot of different ideas. All of them a little out there. All of them scary. But all of them are also way more exciting than anything I have going on currently, and I think that’s worth the risk.

The second time you leave.

I’m not talking about leaving for a vacation. Or leaving for college. Not leaving for a work trip, or even an extended deployment. Not maternity leave either. All of those things have one thing in common: they eventually come to an end. There is a start and a finish.  The kind of leaving I’m talkingContinue reading “The second time you leave.”

Learning is cool, dude.

2019 has been a year of learning. Learning how to travel solo, (re)learning Spanish, learning how to push boundaries, and learning what I really want out of this brief time on our beautiful planet. It’s also apparently the year I learn about film photography. As of two days ago, I am the proud new ownerContinue reading “Learning is cool, dude.”

If you’re bingeing & want to stop, put the food down and read this.

**DISCLAIMER: I am not a therapist, counselor, or doctor, so please consult a medical professional if you find yourself in need of help** Thinking back, I’ve had a pretty fucked up relationship with food for most of my life. Not necessarily to the extent of an eating disorder*, but “stopping when I’m full” has neverContinue reading “If you’re bingeing & want to stop, put the food down and read this.”

7 Essentials to Pack on Your Next Trip

If you’re currently planning any type of extended trip – be it three weeks, three months, or three years – you’ve probably already read through dozens of suggested packing lists. I know I did. Those lists are super helpful when it comes to identifying the true essentials, like the right bag, power adapters, and silkContinue reading “7 Essentials to Pack on Your Next Trip”