At 28, I gave myself freedom.

Freedom to quit a job I hated.

Freedom to pursue uncertainty that scared and excited me.

Freedom from worrying about where and when I’ll meet The One.

Freedom to be more selfish with my time and my energy.

Freedom to do what I want, rather than what I should.

Freedom to be kinder to myself, and my softness. 

Freedom to embrace my sexuality.

Freedom to flirt.

Freedom to eliminate things that no longer serve me.

Freedom to be firm in my decisions.

Freedom from constantly judging myself and others. 

Freedom to get back in touch with me.

Freedom to re-light my dwindling fire.



29, I’m ready.

Published by @austin.georgette

Just carving out a little safe space on the internet while I figure the rest out. Stay tuned for all things travel, food, meditation, and general life updates. #QuarterLifeAwakening

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